Have you got a new Alexa device? It could be the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot or the Amazon Tap. Since its release last year, the Amazon Echo has gained considerable praise. Understanding your new smart assistant’s features is essential. That’s how you can take advantage of it and use it as much as you can. The virtual assistant of Echo, Alexa, can do many wonderful things on your instructions. Now you can use it in two ways. Either you can waste your precious productive time with it or read the best benefits right here.

We list here seven of Amazon Echo’s best things to do.

1. Snap the meals and more

Echo is not limited to placing only Amazon orders. You can now use Alexa to order other stuff. The two-hour daily delivery system from Amazon is included. For the time being, the service is only available in selected cities and is valid at daily items and other domestic goods. But there are some towns where food and even alcohol can be purchased.

2.  Schedule your day

This is the top feature without a doubt. Yes Alexa will assist you in preparing your day. What is it like? The new intelligent assistant advises you about the weather and the happenings all over the globe. You can get a full rundown of the day and a short summary of the news. Also your to – do list for the day is checked. You can prepare and arrange your clothes and activities according to your schedule using these features

3. Call Your Contacts

Amazon Echo returns to business with traditional landlines. You can dial any number in your contact list with the assistant. You can make a voice call to any of your friends with a phone using your Alexa app. In fact, if the person does not answer, you can even leave a message. At present, the assistant does not offer the possibility to block some numbers.

4. Make Home Smarter

Amazon Echo can make your home a smart home instantly. The Alexa comes with an intelligent home tool that allows you to master most of your smart home operations. Now with Alexa, you can turn on and off your lights and even switch the lights’ colours. You can also adjust your room temperature to match your tastes. All the door locks in your home can also be easily controlled. And, this isn’t everything. Alexa can handle anything in your house that is smart.

5. Read with your eyes closed

Without really having to read, Alexa will help you “read” many books. An additional feature in Alexa powered by Amazon is’ Audible.’ It reads audio books for you while you are doing something else. The book is synchronized through different devices to start from the last time you left. You can play or pause a game, move it forward or turn it back by 30 seconds, and even set a time limit to play or to pause.

6. Play The Music Of Your Choice

Alexa can play almost any kind of music or track that you feel in the mood for. Even if Alexa’s default music player is clearly the Amazon player, Amazon is not so stubborn Alexa can set up your own music services such as Spotify and other software applications. You simply set your favorite music app as the standard for Alexa and you are ready to rock and roll. Your assistant is clever enough to find and play from its catalog your favorite song or music.

7. Make It Do Anything

Alexa connects to many devices, but not all of them. Few devices are not compliant with your smart assistant. But you can’t control it, that doesn’t mean. The assistant can be trained to do more. IFTTT is the mechanism that lets your Alexa connect to incompatible apps, devices and websites. Even if incompatible apps can not be managed with Alexa spoken commands, you still can configure the assistant with IFTTT for different tasks.

So these are our picks for what you could do best for Amazon Echo. In fact, the assistant can do a variety of tasks. You can get to know them all over a period of time using it.