This is why you shouldn’t ever throw your banana peel away. Who thought they would be healthy?

Bananas are one of the greatest delights in nature. Not only are these good in taste, but these are also filled with vitamins and minerals, including potassium and magnesium. It also provides great nutrition and is the fuel for athletes who need quick-acting carbs to improve their energy quickly. Superb!

But what about the peel? You can definitely use them to decimate your opponents during a Mario Kart round, but you really aren’t worried about them twice outside of the video games and just throw them away. But chucking your banana peels turns out to be a big mistake, as they are the best and healthiest part of the fruit! How can this be done? Okay, find out the amazing ways banana peels can be used.

You can actually eat raw banana peels, believe it or not. But make sure you clean it thoroughly before doing so. Many people just eat the peels, while others choose to combine with other food. But you can try boiling them for about 10 minutes before eating raw, if it really isn’t your thing. If the thought of eating the peel is still too much for you, consider scraping out as much of the insides as possible with the spoon before consuming this portion. Benefits include…

  • Reduced cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention; the peel contains more fiber than the bananas themselves!
  • Enhance your mood, as peel contains amino acids that induce serotonin
  • Reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration with the lutein, a good eye-protecting antioxidant.

You can also apply the banana peel on different parts of your body, for some great benefits:

  • Whiten your teeth regularly by brushing your teeth with the inner part of a banana peel
  • Reduce wrinkles by rubbing the face with banana peel and leaving the residue roughly half an hour before wiping it off
  • Remove warts by placing a slice of banana peel with a bandage on the affected area and leaving it overnight.
  • soothe the itch and insect pain by massaging the peel in the region affected